ISO20022+ API 2023-03-21

The ISO 20022+ APIs for the eRepository of 2023-03-21 now includes:

  • XML Schema documented with definitions and full names of elements.
    These are intended to be functionally identical to those on the
    official website ISO 20022 Message Definitions | ISO20022,
    but have been generated independently. Please report any issues.

A license is granted for 3 months to registered users to trial using the APIs for:

  • Easily searching and reviewing the content of ISO 20022 Message Definitions.
  • Easily extending components for use in creating your own message definitions.
  • Developing asynchronous and/or RESTful APIs.
    (Generation of your bespoke API into OpenAPI, JSON Schema, XML Schema, SHACL and other formats is available separately upon request.)

Please send us an email after registering for feedback or to extend the license.


XML Schema 1.0 APIs include full tag names and documentation.



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