ISO 20022 Revision 2024

As June 2024, the revision of the ISO 20022 standard is underway, with drafts for review by mirror committees of national standards bodies.

Here is an early implementation of the second committee draft of part 4 for the generation of XML Schema 1.0, of existing Message Definitions registered in the eRepository.

The main changes proposed in the draft are

  • Addition of a global element for the Message Definition.
    Users can choose this or the old Document element as the root element.
  • Addition of an optional attribute @minorVersion to the Message Definition’s complexType.
    This enables users to indicate minorVersions or variants to which the message conforms.
  • Addition of an optional attribute @lang to Text types, which indicates the language.
  • Addition of an optional attribute @id to Message Component types, to enable referencing by the @ref attribute of association ends or the new pointer types.
  • Annotation including the full name, definition, constraints, and other metadata.

Annotated schema is located in the full folder. The annotation is stripped to create schema in the bare folder. Whilst the committee draft specifies packaging of schema for each Message Set into its own zip file, this is simply a flat collection of the schema for all the Message Definition in the eRepository.

There are several other minor fixes, and likely some deviations, such as identifiable amounts.
Some of the proposals that didn’t make it into the revision include

  • Unabbreviated element names, as this would have high impact on existing uses.
    The full name is now included in annotation.
  • Currency always present on Amount, as this would have high impact on existing uses.
  • Unordered elements, which would require use of XSD 1.1.
  • Single target namespace across messages. Instead, the target namespace continues to comprise the area, function, flavour and version, and a minor version extends the Message Definition Identifier to distinguish schema targeting the same namespace.

Thus, these draft schema are backwards compatible in that older messages are valid in these new schema.
The exceptions are:

  • those modelled prior to the 2013 edition using xors. These were supplanted in the 2013 edition by the ChoiceComponent. A work around is included so that elements referenced by an xors are generated as optional elements, in the order in which they are specified.
  • the Factoring Services message set from 2015 which uses internal references (non-composite association ends). The representation of an internal reference as an element has been replaced by an attribute. e.g. <Advsr>Advisor1</Advsr> –> <Advsr ref=”Advisor1″/>.

Please report issues and other feedback to the email provided in the email link to the download.

A license is granted for 3 months to registered users to trial the schema to provide feedback for the further improvement of this revision of the ISO 20022 standard.

ISO 20022 Revision 2024-06-16

XSD Schema generated based on committee draft 2024-06-15, from e-Repository of 2024-04-11.

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