ISO20022+ API 2020-09-14

For the e-Repository of 2020-09-14,
we provide the following experimental packages for:

  • JSON Schema and RESTful OpenAPI
    • adding support for JSON-LD
  • SHACL – for Semantic Web Technology, supporting all RDF formats.
    • now with improved validation reporting.

Release Notes

Our JSON schema now supports JSON-LD, an RDF serialisation format,
by permitting the use of @type, @context, and decimal value objects.
This enables JSON with or without JSON-LD enhancements.

JSON-LD, as with any RDF format, can also be validated with SHACL.
Validation reporting has been improved to provide more specific information, making it easier and quicker to find invalid data.

Released on 2021-03-19 to enable comparison with the 2020-08-08 release.
The eRepositories of 2020-08-08 and 2020-09-14 differ only by a trivial typo.