ISO20022+ API 2020-04-30

This is a light release, as e-Repository updates 4 messages, and few codesets.
We expect the next full release to contain major additions.

For the e-Repository of 2020-04-30
we provide the following experimental packages:

  • JSON Schema
    • as per ISO/TS 23029:2019
      Technical Specification for Web Service Based Application Programming Interfaces in Financial Services (WAPI),
      with specified improvements.

This release adds JSON Schema generated according to the WAPI tech spec,
with the following specified improvements:

  • Add generation of the Message Definition’s type,
    containing Message Building Block properties as per Message Element.
  • Message Element generated as per example (“$ref”:type),
    rather then text (“properties”:{ “$ref”:type }).
  • Use the currencyIdentifierSet’s name (as they don’t have types),
    for the name and type of the currency property in an Amount.
  • Code literal inferred from corresponding conceptual CodeSet code.
  • Wrap the RegEx patterns with head (^) and tail ($).
  • Generate unspecified types as string.
    ( UserDefined, SchemaType, and other date time types. )

For other formats, see previous release.